Welcome to the unofficial Inkworks Family Guy Season 2 Sketch Card Checklist.

I've had a lot of positive response to www.lotrsketchcards.com, so I'd like to do something similar for Family Guy Season 2.  This site is going to present a lot more challenges since my only source of images will come from collectors, dealers/sellers, and ebay.  For this site to be successful, I'm going to need a lot of help.  If anyone is interested lending a hand collecting images or has any to donate, please send them in.  A special thanks to Jon Ocampo - if it weren't for his help, what you see now would have taken me twice as long.

Thank you for your support. In time, hopefully, we will be able to catalog all the variations of sketch cards.  To discuss Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Family Guy sketch cards, as well as other sketch card sets and art in general, please feel free to stop by the Scoundrel Art Forums.

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Enjoy the site!


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